2 thoughts on “choose love

  1. Hi Wendi…just wondering if you would like to enter the draw for Steve’s handmade wooden spoon that he made for our very first giveaway on Serendipity Farm. It’s made from acacia Blackwood, is a lovely deep pinky colour and has been finished with edible orange/tung oil. We will be drawing it on Saturday and I get the feeling that most of my 106 blog followers were “asleep” when I shared the tiny post mentioning the spoon. I am just giving reminders to my followers that I really like and would be glad to send the spoon to…the rest of them can “sleep” 😉

    • Oh my goodness, Fran- YES!!! That would be the best thing- a handmade wooden spoon?!? So exciting- I have a thing for all things wooden and homemade- no kidding. Thanks so much for thinking of little old me 🙂

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