ta-ta, tubes!

The dreaded drainage tubes were removed today! Hooray!

One week from surgery, and I’m feeling incredible (although just a wee bit stir crazy, I must admit). The visits from friends have been such a sweet gift- I can’t tell you how much it means to see your faces, hear some news from the outside world, and to recieve so many loving embraces. Our home is filled with  flowers, delicious food, and cards a-plenty, and we are just blissed out of our minds (and our bellies are full and happy, too!).

Mom and sister Tami left Sunday after realizing I was doing so well- thank you so much to Jessica and Andy for the beautiful space that you allowed them to stay in! What a huge gift that was to have my family close by, and yet able to retreat for much needed rest in the evenings. Irene’s been slowly increasing her hours at work while maintaining a daily schedule of being my nurse, personal chef, and maid. I’m actually quite self-sufficient these days; capable of dressing myself, showering on my own, and even preparing some of what I eat, but I haven’t received the full go-ahead from the surgeon for exercise or lifting anything heavier than 5 lbs (which I think includes bed making and scooping the cat litter…).

For those wondering, the pathology report has not been released yet. I’m scheduled to have a port surgically placed on October 10th, and will start my weekly chemo routine that day- phew! I should be back to work by Monday of next week, just in time to show off my new, sleek figure (I lost 7 pounds with those breasts removed!). That gives me just 6 days for cami shopping and catching up on all the movies I missed during my busy work and school schedule!

Much gratitude to you beautiful people in my life- I am blessed beyond belief!