what I learned about yoga through toilet paper

Three things I learned in the Advanced Exploration yoga class I attended last night: Asteya has as much to do with opening up to abundance as it does with “non-stealing”; jumping back quietly from forward fold to chaturanga dandasana requires as much of a forward as a backward movement; and, it is very, very, very important to check that the toilet paper landed in the bowl before pulling up one’s yoga pants.

That’s right. I began class with a toilet paper “tail”. I would have been quite unaware of this fact if it weren’t for the kind yogi next to me who, with a stifled smile, let me know of my unintended appendage. Seriously. I wish I was making this up. But the painful reality is that I’ve been so busy rushing through my days that I don’t even take the time to make sure the t.p. is flushed before I’m washing my hands and rushing back into the world.

What’s funny to me about the toilet paper incident (aside from the obvious) is that my rushing lately is all related to my desire to have more spaciousness in my life. I’m spending so much time busily working toward the hope of doing the things I love that I far too rarely allow myself the opportunity to slow it down and appreciate the moment for what it is. Even a bathroom break requires attention. And even a toilet paper tail is an opportunity for personal growth (pun intended).