from the ashes…

Jane stopped by yesterday and brought this beautiful piece that she wove from the under wire that she found in ashes from our fire ritual (for those who weren’t there, I’m talking about the fabulous burning of the bras). It’s a nest┬áthat represents the resilience and the potential beauty that comes from┬áthis experience, but I also see it as representing the strength of friends who join together to form a container or a net in which anyone can choose to fall and be held. Maybe that’s what I see, because I feel very held right now. Thank you for the reminder, Jane!

As for me- I now have some funky little camis (well, technically, they’re sleep shirts…but they’re in bright colors, they look pretty, and they’re 100% cotton- lycra is not my friend), I’m getting lots of good rest, and I can put my arms nearly straight above my head! Still no news regarding the path report, however. As soon as I know anything, I will happily post away. Until then, I’m off for yet another afternoon nap under my freshly washed quilt. Ahhhhhh, the life of luxury.

xoxoxo W