in charge…powerfully.

I feel powerful today. Overwhelmed and exhausted, but powerful just the same. I’m finally realizing that I can be in control of my treatment. I can’t control the side effects, but I can manage to hold on to my spirit and my sense of unique individuality through this process. I decided for my second round of chemo that I would wear my favorite tight jeans and my red mary janes- I may even apply my Aveda lip gloss as a reminder that I am a vibrant woman! I don’t have to go into this feeling like a cancer patient, do I? NO! I am Wendi, and not this cancer. I am Wendi, and not the treatment that I am going through. My plan is to take control of this regimen and to try my best to be authentically me in the process.

I haven’t managed to find the time or the nerve to cut my hair yet, but I appreciate all of the suggestions regarding style and color. This weekend may find me sitting at a barber or beauty shop or I may just take the scissors to my own hair- either way, I plan to be sassy about it. I plan on having another opportunity to take charge of this experience and to have fun in the meantime.

3 thoughts on “in charge…powerfully.

  1. Good for you! How did the week after chemo go?

    We just watched a South Park in which Wendy gave a report on breast cancer month, and Cartman laughed every time she said breast.


  2. It’s no wonder why I follow this blog…another nameless amost faceless human being in a sea of billions of us who has been brave enough to share her journey and who does it with humility, grace, anger, humour and balls…what’s not to love?

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