out of the compost pile, I bloom


Today, the sun is shining in a wild show of spring. The birds have been up since before daylight singing into the world, and I’ve spent much of the morning watching a squirrel scavenging for seeds and nuts below the bird feeder. There are countless blooms in the garden surrounding the patio; multicolored blossoms that beckon the bumblebees with rich and fragrant nectar. It’s absolutely stunning, and I can’t help but admire the natural beauty before me. I am also fighting my inner freak that is screaming in my head that the lawn needs mowing, the garden needs weeding, and the kitchen needs mopping.

She is such a drag to be around.

I know for a fact that the world won’t end if I don’t mow the lawn or weed the garden. These tasks can certainly wait. I also know that, sometimes, lovely things happen when I stop and take in the wonder of the world without trying to change anything. Being content with this and that. I notice the small things that I would have passed by in my hurry to get things done. Like the glorious red poppies that poke brightly out from the compost pile, showing that beauty can grow from discarded garden materials. And somehow the blossoms look more gorgeous knowing that they weren’t planned and haven’t been tended to. These flowers have made their way in the world all on their own, and they serve their purpose so beautifully.

I also know for certain that I miss out on so much with my need to be productive; experiences, pleasures, and personal growth. I forget that beautiful things come from the simple act of stopping and that if I just soften a bit, I can still get things done and my heart will be happier in the end. No need for head spinning or list writing. Just being here. Now.

Even in my (limited) experience of teaching yoga, I’ve noticed that the less I try to plan and control, the more joy and ease I feel. I’m happier, and the class appears to be more satisfied in their experience. I then remember what it is about a yoga class that I’ve loved all along- joining with other people to breathe and move together in community while cultivating awareness in the moment. Everything can wait- the mat is rolled out, the phone is off, the computer out of sight. Practice in being here now and not trying to change or fix or be anything other than what I am.

Out of the compost pile, a flower blooms. A reminder that I can bloom anywhere.

14 thoughts on “out of the compost pile, I bloom

  1. I admire the volunteer plants so much. I always wonder what is so special about them that they bloom when so many other seeds left in the compost do not? I really like this post- thank you.

    • me, too, Flo! and then there are the seeds I plant and water and mulch and tend to that die. I’m sure I could find plenty of metaphor there, too 😉

  2. Utterly beautiful..inspiring words and joyful image. Thanks for the reminder to not just slow down but to stop sometimes! 🙂

    • thanks, Christine- I need that reminder so frequently. it’s hard to remember that stopping can be most effective for creative inspiration. even amidst the chaos!

  3. “breathe and move together in community while cultivating awareness in the moment” never thought of yoga in this way… I really like that idea. Almost as much as beauty from compost ;0)

  4. I was just nominated for an award. I don’t usually participate in that sort of thing but I realised that it was actually a vehicle to give kudos to blogs that were very important to me so I nominated your blog for “The Illuminating Blogger” award. If you want to participate you can, if you don’t feel free not to. I just wanted you to know that you have made a difference out here in the worldly ether and that someone waits for your posts with anticipation and truly appreciates your efforts to enlighten us . Here’s the link if you want to check it out but its not really about the award (which I suspect is to increase blog traffic to the awarders site to be honest…) its about being able to give you some kudos for your efforts

    • Christi- I just found this comment in my spam folder (how dare they?!?). You’re so sweet, kind, and generous- and one of the funniest people I’ve never met. I’m so glad to have been connected to your blog. I just freaking LOVE it. Thank you for thinking of my little humble blog. Joy.

  5. Beautiful words and reminders. I know when I teach yoga, my best classes are the ones where I completely let go of what I had “planned” and tap into the energy that’s being presented in front of me (i.e. who shows up for class, what they having going on, etc). If I can get out of my own way, there is a nice flow and ease to it all. And isn’t that one of the lessons of yoga-allowing the “ease” of the practice to bring us deeper.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • YES! I totally agree- I love the organic classes best. The ones where I teach out of love and not some sense of obligation. The ones where I can be me and curse on occasion or laugh out loud at myself. And especially the ones where the students radiate JOY. Because that’s yoga, right?

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