your silence is winning. speak up.

your silence won’t kill you.

Not right away, at least.
It might just slowly cause your brain to shrivel and your voice to atrophy, making words and thoughts turn into gooey, decaying nothingness.
Your silence makes you unable to function. It stifles you and takes away your beautiful wings.

Your silence is a bird on a wire. No ability to get through the lines to what really matters. Alone in a crowd.

take flight.


You think that you might gain strength and power by stewing in your silent fury, but what’s really happening is the silence is winning. Not you.
Power happens when you speak your words- through your voice, images, writing, body movement, or creativity.
Speak, dance, scream, sing, create, run, spin, write, scribble- anything. But don’t avoid.
Remember: Silence=Death.
You’re too important for that.
You’re amazing and beautiful and creative and unique.
Be all that.
Don’t rely on anyone else’s opinion of who you are.
Think for yourself.
Speak for yourself.

be yourself.

be YOU.

And when you finally decide to do that, you win.

6 thoughts on “your silence is winning. speak up.

  1. Wonderful reminder thank you. I grew up being told I had to be strong. To never let anyone see when I was hurt or their actions bothered me. I closed myself up and paid for it dearly. Once I learned to open up I began to heal. I feel better today than I ever did when I was younger.

    • I’m so glad you’re opening up and healing! it’s so hard to speak our truth, right? especially when we’ve been beaten down or told to be silent. but having the courage to speak up is the first step in living authentically and owning our power.

      • It’s been a freeing experience. I have made new friends and lost some I thought were friends. But all in all, I am happier now. The friends I lost I realized in time never knew who I really was because I never opened up so it was partly my fault for not being a friend in the first place.

  2. My problem is that I am very rarely silent. I tend to vocalise more than my fair share and rather than think about my outbursts (good or bad) I just react. There are times when silence is truly golden and I am still struggling to learn when to sit in silence and simply “be”.

    • Ha! Me, too, Fran! I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about all the times I instantly regret the words that just shot out of my mouth. I can only appreciate that my filter works in the times when I would certainly be institutionalized or arrested 🙂

      • Yeh…I have just narrowly missed out on the arrests sometimes…I must say that life is more interesting when you don’t stuff everything down inside BUT you have a lot less friends lol 😉

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