It’s ME!!! I’m home and feeling fabulous!

I just feel so loved, I can hardly stand it- it felt so terrific going into surgery knowing just how many people were holding me in their thoughts. The party was an incredible testimate to my amazing tribe. How blessed I am! So- I walked myself into surgery and plopped on the table (not what I envisioned, but I love that it was so wacky)- they put the I.V. in, and the next thing I knew, I was in recovery and on my way up to my room. My sweet Reen slept on a cot in my room, and so I was soothed and comforted by her snores throughout the night. Yesterday morning, as soon as the nausea went away, I was ready to go home. We left the hospital just in time to catch our patio sun, and I was able to soak in some rays before being sent to bed (Reen is quite a nurse these days). Mom and Tami (sis) made me the most beautiful quilt, and I’ve been resting under it since surgery. THANK YOU to Suza, Jenn, Gol, Ester and Katie Mae for your beautiful presence at the hospital- even though I may not have seen your faces, I felt your love, and I know it meant a lot to my family to have you there as a support. I couldn’t feel more loved or more full of gratitude!

So, as changed as my body is, my spirit feels alive and beautiful. Even with drainage tubes and bandages… bleck. W

10 thoughts on “It’s ME!!! I’m home and feeling fabulous!

  1. I love me some Wendi!
    Good job, and way to go with being home already!
    If you need to cheer yourself with some serious Jodi, I’m on the TVW website giving those judges a piece of my mind.
    I’m very very happy about all the good news emanating from you lately. Keep it up!

  2. Hola muchachas~ Wondrous Wendi and Incandescent Irene,
    I’m so happy to hear the great news that you are home! I’ve been leaving you emails at your hospice address – duh! It’s a good thing I ran into Jane today – who set me straight 🙂 Sending lots and lots of healing love your way ~ xoxoxoxo lenita

  3. You have always been amazing but never more then now. I think of you and Irene every day and wish you the speediest of recoveries.
    Love U,

  4. Wow!! Fantastic job Wendi, Irene, family, friends and angels!! So glad to hear it went so well. You are so very strong and full of vitality and healing. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Mucho Lovo, Marcos

  5. Wendi! I miss you and am thinking about you so much that I feel like your obsessed stalker or something! I can so imagine you plopping down on the table, cause you are such a rightous woman. I will give Walter’s class an update tomorrow, so if you feel your ears burning…

    See you soon (Monday?)

    Love, Stephanie

  6. Following you in spirit on a moment by moment basis friend and so joyous to hear your voice on this blog. Now perhaps you will become the writer of a very different journey, ey?
    Ewan and I are heading to Leavenworth for a last summer weekend in the mountains. I will be in touch when I’m back on Tuesday and visit if/when it’s right. I will carry you both with me.

  7. Oh, precious! I’m so grateful to know you and your humor and your love! Sending my own versions of same right back atcha!!

    XOXO Kristen

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