new landscapes

so crazy to think about just how changed my body looks and feels- I took my first shower yesterday after my mom gently removed the bandages. Even with the steri-strips, I feel fragile and vulnerable. I have to keep reminding myself that I feel amazingly strong and positive. Having tubes hanging out of my body, and limited range of motion is humbling, and yet it’s also a joy to find each day that I can do a little more and feel a little less of the pull and pain in doing so. I have MyReen to myself today, and am looking forward to having my face and body in the sun as well as a follow up accupuncture appointment. I so love having my friends stopping by with their smiles and surprised faces to see me up and around- what did you think?!? With all of the love that I’ve been surrounded with, I swear I could fly! Bring it on, you beauties! I’ll take all those powerful words you offer me- and the tasty food, of course! Our fridge is bursting at the seams and our bellies are happy and full. Much gratitude-

4 thoughts on “new landscapes

  1. Hi Wendi,

    This is (long-lost) Florence! Amy Darling told me what was going on and gave me the link to your blog. Ah, sweet gal, I’m sorry, and also happy that your spirit is SO strong. I will be holding you in my thoughts and also chanting for you in my Buddhist way every morning. Heal well, dear friend!



  2. So grateful to know what’s happening for you.. grateful, because the fact that you have the energy and desire to post updates for us means you’re mending at the speed of G-d (that’s just how I say it; you get it, right?). Powerful stuff, girl!

    Endless love to you and Rene,

  3. It sounds like you were completely surrounded with love (and food) when you needed it most. Moving back into your own routine after something so traumatic would have been difficult, moreso because of everyone hovering around when you would have wanted to be alone with Irene and allowing yourself to work through the processes of your loss. Whatchagonnado? 😉

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