blossoms, broken glass and beach walks…

Our home is filled with pink blossoms- gifts of flowers and plants from friends, family, and loving co-workers. It’s nice to have these reminders of beauty and hope. Even the sky was a mix of all of those pinks last night when Mom, Tami, Irene and I enjoyed our dinner on the beach at Discovery Park- the same place I disrobed for the topless photos! It was a joy to walk the beach and pick up pieces of broken shells and glass, even a small sliver of bright blue tin that caught my eye. I think it describes so well how I’m feeling- like I’m being tossed around right now by the tide and smoothed by rough sand until my edges become beautiful and soft. The process is painful and yet necessary…

I had my first good cry yesterday morning in the shower- it’s not easy being reliant on everyone to do so much for me. I can’t wash my own hair, prepare my own food, or even get dressed on my own. Irene and mom have been sharing the duty of “stripping the tubes” that hang from my chest- the worst part of this experience. My skin is still puckered and shocked, and I’m a little numb and itchy at the same time. But despite it all, I do have some energy for walks and my daily exercises, and I’ve been laughing as much as possible to open my heart. It helps having the calls, emails, and posts of support, as well as some of those surprise visits from friends! Our home is filled with good love and positive energy, along with all of those blossoms, and I can’t tell you how much it helps- W

2 thoughts on “blossoms, broken glass and beach walks…

  1. Hola muchachas,

    Marcos and I were so happy to see your sweet, smiling face on Sunday as well as Emma’s. Sorry we missed yours, Irene. By the way, you are doing such a great job of taking care of Wendi! Gracias!
    Wendi, we were so impressed with your strength of spirit and positive energy, and how quickly you are healing! Keep it going grrl, and remember: All you need is love, love ~ love is all you need.
    Yours in love and spirit, lenita & Marcos

  2. Isn’t it amazing how if we stop what we are doing and look at what is happening around us, it tends to be echoing where we are at that time. I love your beach visit because there is something fundamentally, primally soothing about the sound of water, the lap of it against your bare feet and the ebb and tidal flow and when it deposits little treasures at your feet it feels like they have been sent there just for you. Rocks that tumble into the ocean spiky roll out onto the shore smooth and weathered and what you went through was particularly harrowing.

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